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About our club

Q: How do I become a member?

A: If you are a CSIA or CASI certified instructor, you can contact us to become a member for free, or you can purchase our membership at

Q: Can I participate in activities or take lessons without a membership?

A: You can take lessons without being a member, but you will not be able to enjoy the discounts and benefits of membership. We are also offering member-exclusive activities.

Q: Does Serendipity Snow have certified insurance?

A: Serendipity Snow has high-standard industry insurance to support the operation of the club. We also work very closely with insurance companies to reduce possible risks at every step to ensure the safety of our members and instructors.

Q: Tell me about your instructors?

A: Our ski and snowboard instructors are trained by our certified CSIA and CASI level 3 instructors regularly on both their teaching and riding abilities. All of our instructors are certified CSIA and CASI level 2 and above.

About our lessons

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: Students who are 5 years old and above can participate in our lessons and activities. Some activities for minors need to be accompanied by an adult.

Q: What can I get out of a lessons?

A: If this is your first time to participate in Serendipity Snow's lesson, we will conduct a video riding analysis, and then our instructors will tailor the lesson to your needs. During a lesson, we will take videos for the students and provide post-lesson analysis.

About our buses

Q: What is the line?

A: Our temporary Bus route is DT (Eaton/Union) → Finch → Vaughan → MSL. If there is sufficient demand in the future, we will consider adding new routes as appropriate.

Q: What are the benefits of Bus? Is it guaranteed?

A: Our buses all depart on time and at fixed times, and all trips are covered by insurance. Passengers only need to purchase tickets in advance and get on the bus at a fixed time and place.

Q: Are the hours fixed each week?

A: The weekly departure time will change according to actual demand, but the weekly departure information will be released in various groups and social media.

About our Happy Hour

Q: What is happy hour?

A: We organize activities for members and coaches to skate together every weekend, where they can chat with each other to enhance friendship and share interesting skating experiences.

Q: What can members get from happy hour?

A: The original intention of Happy Hour is to establish communication between members, coaches and coaches, and members and coaches. More importantly, it is to provide a platform for mutual contact, making friends, and sharing experiences and insights.


Q: In addition to the above benefits, do members have any other activities?

A: In addition to the regular Happy Hour every week, we also organize mountain trips, irregular membership activities during the snow season, and member team-building activities after the snow season, etc.